A deep retrofit of Lune and Derby Houses in Lancaster on the banks of the River Lune. The proposals include retaining the 1960s Wimpey No Fines concrete structures and undertaking extensive fabric upgrades to reach EPC A energy rating. This will not only save approximately 780 tonnes of carbon from going to landfill (equivalent to driving around the planet 78 times in a petrol car!) and the emissions from a new build, it will reduce residents fuel bills and create warm, light filled homes. 

We aim to address the urban mistakes that were made by the 1960s design ambitions by providing better defined fronts and backs to the blocks, outdoor amenity space and improved street frontage. Our proposals provide outdoor space for all the homes, with new private gardens and balconies with views of the river Lune, and re-organise the internal arrangement in line with the needs of the residents.

This is a pilot project for wider Mainway Estate, and could be a blueprint for retrofit for another 230+ homes.

Place Capital Group Ltd (PCG)
Lancaster City Council (LCC)
RIBA Stages:
Submitted for Planning
16 existing homes to be ‘deep retrofitted’ targeting EPC A energy rating
Existing Views
Model by Base Models
Open plan is dead! Bring back the hatch
Competition strategy for recladding & extending the structure
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