The Croydon Small Sites Programme was a delivery focussed housing led borough wide strategy that transformed underutilised and awkward parcels of land (backland, vacant, garage sites) into good quality housing and community facilities.  By Spring 2023 800 homes were created across 24 sites, along with office space, community spaces and new areas of play and public realm. In 2020 a further 1000 homes were submitted for planning. Through joined up thinking and standardisation of components the programme was able to create varied and site sensitive designs whilst getting good value for money.

The Grounded team led 15+ design teams through all RIBA Stages. Our role was to ensure the high quality homes were buildable and affordable and to facilitate collaborative round table conversations. We were also plot architects on more than ten of the schemes.

In New Addington (in the south of Croydon) we led the engagement process and spoke to local people who would genuinely have an interest in living in the developments. They were involved in co-designing the types of homes they could afford and wanted. This allowed us to directly adapt whether we were creating houses or flats, and ensure the layouts and specifications met their needs. This allowed for greater levels of transparency and trust and ultimately enables the local residents to feel that these new developments belong to their community. 

More than net zero, the programme had a One Planet Living Action Plan across the entire programme which would support residents to live healthy & economically sustainable lives within the natural resources of our planet. We led the implementation of the action plan throughout the pipeline in 2019.

Our team had a stewardship role on through the life cycle of every project in the pipeline. From the very beginning the team identified the sites with key stakeholders and ward councillors, through engagement with residents and ensuring the designs were deliverable.  We continue to be appointed as Grounded to ensure that quality is delivered on site through the construction and handover process to residents. 

Brick by Brick Ltd
RIBA Stages:
Completed 2023
800 homes created on 24 infill sites across the borough
this ... is a truly pioneering piece of pan-borough urban thinking.
Richard Waite, Architects Journal
Pump House, Image by Jim Stephenson
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