The Brick by Brick Small Sites Programme was a delivery focussed housing led borough wide strategy that transformed underutilised and awkward parcels of land in the borough of Croydon into new homes and community facilities. By Spring 2023 800 homes will have been created across 24 sites, along with office space, community spaces and new areas of play and public realm.

We worked with Brick by Brick to identify sites, to undertake capacity studies and also develop a comprehensive Design Manual and interior specification, forming the central vision to the programme. The document sets out a holistic approach to delivering characterful design and practical, viable and deliverable schemes. This included setting footprints off the boundary, ensuring flats stack and opting for schemes to have brown or red brick which meant we could get the highest quality for the best value. The manual includes the policies and processes, internal specification, key requirements, and the business’ strategy for committing to be a ‘One Planet Living’ leader. 

To facilitate the pipeline targeting net zero carbon in operation in 2019, we undertook a review of the internal finishes specifications which facilitated cost savings that enabled the integration of more sustainability measures. It also allowed the prioritisation of using low-embodied-energy, circular-economy, non-toxic, locally-sourced materials and re-using existing materials where possible.

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